Church Life

Worship Services

We gather together as a community of believers each Sunday morning from 10:00-11:15am. Most weeks there are programs for our children, youth and Persian community after an initial time of worship together.

We also have a monthly midweek worship service and for the period April 2018 - December 2019 we ran a monthly night service (CUSundayNight).

See the sections below for details.


Kids Holiday Clubs

Each Kids Holiday Club includes games, craft and construction activities, drama, singing and a short stint of teaching and discussion. We also provide a delicious healthy morning tea to keep everyone going. It’s a great time of laughter and learning together and it is open to all kids aged 5-11.

The Holiday Club runs towards the end of the long summer holidays and attracts over 100 kids each day.

Our 2018 theme was “Follow the Clues”… we had loads of fun joining Detective Dexter Duck and Constable Charlton Clooney as they examined the promises found in the Bible to help them solve the mystery of the man who defeated death!

As always, there were loads of fun activities including drama, singing, stories, games, construction and yummy morning tea.

Check out the video to see what we got up to!


Bloom - Women's Ministry

Bloom is our Intergenerational Women's Ministry; open to women of all ages.

Join with us for monthly informal evenings to relax, be encouraged and connect with other women (supper, tea and coffee provided).

Check out our next event on the Events page.

Bloom has a private facebook group. For more information, feel free to contact:

- Lauren MacKenzie (0418 895 692)

- Carolyn Dent (0431 593 936)

- Jenny Wichert (0404 834 393)



Hanging out with friends who know God and know how to have fun is so important!

ChillOut is a 2-3 hour session that gives kids in Years 6 and 7 a fun and easy way to start Christian friendships that we hope will be the beginnings of strong, encouraging relationships that last through teenage years and beyond.

Generally held on Saturday evenings during term time, past events have included Pizza & Bowling, Pool Parties, Night Walks, Games Nights etc.

Details of each event are sent out via facebook a couple of weeks before each event, so if you'd like to keep up to date, request to be added to the closed facebook group (see link).

As part of our duty of care, we request that everyone attending ChillOut completes a once-off registration form (linked).


The Marriage Courses

The Pre-Marriage Course and The Marriage Course are both designed to strengthen and grow your relationship with your partner.

The Pre-Marriage Course runs over 5 sessions and is for couples who are exploring the idea of getting married and for those who are already engaged. It’s designed to give your marriage the best possible start, whether you’re exploring marriage for the first time or have been married before. There is the option of completing a Couple Survey to highlight issues that are important to discuss together (facilitated by a Support Couple) before getting married.

The Marriage Course runs over 7 sessions and is for couples who are in a long-term relationship, whether or not you are married. It's designed for those who want to invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage, whether you're newly married or have been together for 40 years.

David & Kate Buxton have run these courses for many years, both in-person and online, and many couples can testify to the positive impact they have had on their relationship.

Each course includes:

- a fun, romantic ‘date night with a difference’ - a relaxing, candlelit atmosphere with coffee and tea, wine, juice and delicious food (in-person only!)

- practical, informative and fun talks

- helpful exercises for you and your partner to complete

- no group work or discussions except with your partner

- the opportunity to invest in your relationship, supporting and encouraging each other.

Next course:

- Pre-Marriage Course (in-person) - Wed 24 Aug 2022 for 5 weeks. See our web/app event for full details including how to register.


The Parenting Courses

Someone once quipped that parenting is the only job you can never get trained for – you can read all the manuals, attend all the how-to sessions, but when it comes to actually looking after your own child, we’re all learners.

To care for, nurture and raise another human being is a wonderful privilege and a profound experience. As a church our desire is to encourage and equip parents to be the best they can be and to model faith to their children in real and effective ways. We offer two Parenting Courses to help with this:

- The Parenting Children Course (for parents of 1-10 year olds), and

- The Parenting Teenagers Course (for parents of 11-18 year olds)

Both courses run for 5 weeks and are for all parents/carers whether parenting on their own, as step-parents or as a couple. Each course includes informative and fun practical talks with film clips, street interviews and advice from parenting experts as well as small group discussions with parents at a similar stage.

Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more. Course costs are $35 per person ($70 per couple) and include course material and delicious supper.


Faith @ Home

We all want our kids to grow in faith, yet an hour or so at church each week can only do so much. It is well established (see below) that regular faith discussions in the home have a significant impact on children growing into lifelong followers of Jesus.

Families & Friends FB page

To this end we run a 'CoroUniting Families & Friends' FB page with:

- fun videos and thought-provoking discussion questions that relate to the upcoming theme on Sunday mornings for both Coro Junior (pre-school) and Coro Kids (primary-aged) kids. Note that we encourage these conversations to happen in the home before we get to cover them at church, emphasising the primary importance of faith discussions in the home

- various other resources to encourage you with regular faith conversations in the home, many of which you'll find in our Faith @ Home Resources section of our web/app.

Our hope is that this FB page will spark conversations in the home and that some of the ideas will help you as you parent your kids to know and love Jesus.

See the below tabs for some of the resources we recommend as well as some of the relevant research in this area.

Church Life

Life Groups

Life Groups are an integral part of the life of our church. Each group has its own flavour, however they all aim to encourage their members in faith and support each other as they do life together. As such, we encourage everyone to belong to a Life Group wherever possible - it is one of the main ways of connecting with others and finding a place to belong.

There are several different groups that meet throughout the week, some for men, some for women and others mixed.

Interested in joining a Life Group?

- Have a chat with Cat Patrick or email the Church Office.

Keen to find out more?

- Refer the linked document 'Life Groups at CoroUniting'

- Visit our Life Group Leaders Training Resources page

Church Life

Pastoral Care

You will expect people to look out for you if you come to a church. As a church community, we want to express God's grace to us in practical, active and relevant ways.

Our pastoral team seeks to mobilise people throughout the congregation to do that for each other. We want to encourage people to join Life Groups, midweek groups for encouraging each other in faith, growing in friendship and caring for each other

For those in a Life Group, this is the best place for ongoing pastoral care.

For those not in a Life Group, some of the ways in which we seek to show care are below or you can email the Care Team: