Local Partnerships


What does it mean to be part of our local community, to belong? Surely part of the answer is that we contribute, we make a positive difference.

As Christians, Jesus says that we are salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) – He wants us to flavour our local communities, to bring out the best in them and to shine His light wherever we go and whatever we do. God has put us in local communities to share our lives so that, through us, people would see Jesus and He would be glorified.

At a local level, CoroUniting partners with several surrounding churches through the Mitcham Hills Inter-Church Council. The group supports the work of Pastoral Care Workers (PCWs, previously known as chaplains) in our local schools and has also initiated the Beacon Emergency Relief Service providing assistance to members of the community who are struggling.

You can find out more about these and other ministries below and also in the Resources section where you will find recent newsletters and updates.

Beacon Emergency Relief Service  provides assistance to members of the community who are struggling to make ends meet.

Contact Details:

There are a number of trained volunteers available to assist people who walk in off the street or co-ordinate appointments in order to help evaluate their needs. There is a well-stocked onsite pantry and a voucher system sponsored by various local businesses.

Two of our congregation members are part of the Beacon team volunteering each week.

See the Resources section (search for 'Beacon') for the latest updates.

Mitcham Hills Inter-Church Council partners with Schools Ministry Group (SMG) who work closely with SA Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) as a ‘Service Provider’ for the Chaplaincy Program in our schools through the engagement of a Pastoral Care Worker (formerly known as CPS Worker).

Pastoral Care Workers offer a unique dimension of care and support to students, families and staff. They are trained and experienced and work alongside and complement other welfare and wellbeing staff in schools.

See the Resources section (search for 'PCW') for the latest updates.

Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a term describing people who spend a significant part of childhood living outside their passport countries.

Kath is an Interserve partner, relying on team support as she sets up a framework to support Third Culture Kids (TCKs) as they leave their host countries and return to their passport countries. She is passionate to see young people adjusting to the constant transitions in their lives and to have their identity grounded in Christ.

Kath keeps in touch with her supporters primarily via facebook (contact her at wkatherine81@gmail.com for details).

You can check out some updates and more information about her role in the Resources section (search for 'TCK') - for privacy reasons this is restricted to those who call CoroUniting home.

More from 'Community'

Cross-Cultural Ministry

CoroUniting commissions individuals and families who are called to share the good news of Jesus in words and actions by living and working in other cultural contexts.

Many exciting ministries are also happening through others beyond Australia’s shores, and we love to build relationships with some of these. Two we have ongoing connection with are the [Saiyarak](https://www.corouniting.org/ministries/saiyarak) group and [Project Kola](https://www.corouniting.org/ministries/project-kola).

Mission Care

Mission Care (formerly Mission Focus Group) is primarily focused on the pastoral care of our Cross-Cultural Workers, especially those who are geographically separate from us. It is our deepest desire that these brothers and sisters not be forgotten or disregarded when we act as a church community. The pastoral care we offer is to hear the stories of those interested in becoming involved in mission activities that require them to cross cultural boundaries, and to journey with them as they enter the field, do the work, and return.

We currently have three partnerships with CoroUniting members working cross-culturally - see the below tabs for details.

Each of these Cross-Cultural Workers keep in touch with their supporters via newsletters, blogs, facebook groups and videos - for privacy reasons, these are restricted to those who call CoroUniting home and can be viewed in the [Resources section](https://www.corouniting.org/resources) (search for 'cross-cultural').